I’m excited to share these images and short interview with you. Maxmillion Rosario, 21 photographed Cabias Thomas, 24 for this campaign. I did not commission these images. They came up with the concept, executed the work, and pitched it to me. I was blown away when I saw the result.

I asked them four questions that I felt would reveal to you a part of who they are and how they navigate being young creatives. I often hear comments from people generalizing “millennials are such and such”. In my view, just because they navigate the world in a different manner than their predecessors doesn’t mean it’s not correct or effective. They’ve grown up in a tumultuous world and they are finding their way and paving new and beautiful creative landscapes. Get to know them a little bit in the short interview below. Keep up with them! Socials for both are below their bios. Have a great summer!

One Love,



How did you develop the courage to become a multitalented creative?


My creativity has always felt like a natural instinct. My family has always had a "hustle, hustle, hustle" mentality so I knew I couldn't always rely on one thing in life. The hard part was figuring out what actually worked for me, which took a lot of trial and error. The art field is so broad but I've had the opportunity to immerse myself in different art forms throughout the years and have felt most comfortable with my current mediums; djing, modeling, graphic design.


The courage was something that came with finally being able to honor and love myself because once I was able to see my own worth the confidence to create came with it.

What do you hope to achieve with your creative expression?


More gigs, bigger crowds, more challenges, broader opportunities, while maintaining my sanity. Coming from a small town in Mississippi, I want to show people that there's more to see and experience beyond their immediate surroundings.


This is a hard question for me because I feel that so much can be said, but I’d definitely say that through my work I’d like to give other young people of color the courage to say “I can do that too!”. I feel that growing up, the art world wasn’t something that I considered attainable. It always seemed enticing but never realistic,  “ME make art ? Oh no!”. Every day that I make the choice to create I’m reminded that not only do I create for myself ,  I also create work to remind that little boy/girl that whatever they want to do is within reach.

What do you do to stay creatively aligned?


I catch some sunlight, explore unfamiliar places, and seeing what my friends in the field are doing, keeps me in line and it drives me. Therapy helps too.


Meditating is definitely my go to because my ideas seem to flash in my head, so having a clear mind is absolutely essential. Immersing myself in the work of other creatives really helps too, it inspires me to create.

If you could have an hour conversation with any artist (any medium) dead or alive, who would it be and why?


Rihanna, I've looked up to her since I was a kid and am grateful to have shared personal moments with her. The transition from musician to creating a business empire is super fascinating. Her work ethic speaks for itself and I need tips!


Photographer Sebastiao Salgado! His work is just absolutely unmatched (visually) and his ability to create powerful and compelling narratives is just something I’d love to pick his brain about. I feel that in photography not only is one responsible to capture moments but also the core of each and every subject. I feel that he embodies those principles in all his work. 

Maxmillion Rosario

Maxmillion Rosario (b. 1998) began working with images at the age of 15, retouching campaigns for Creative Collective Collab a collective of professional stylists, photographers, editors and writers that came together to create meaningful content. In his time there, he would learn all aspects of a shoot from working behind the camera photographing and retouching images, to occasionally spending some time in front of the camera modeling for campaigns. This experience allowed him to have a complete understanding of all the needs required of a shoot at every step of the creative process ultimately informing his work.

In the years that followed, he would retouch work for clients such as Editor in Chief of All The Pretty Birds Tamu McPherson, emerging Fine Artist Vicky Steckel of BOSCAR, and Jewelry Designer Simon Alcantara.

Cabias Thomas

A Mississippi-raised now Orlando resident, Cabias Thomas (or DJ GAY-Z) is a doer of many things - freelance model, DJ, artist, musician. He jumped into the scene in January 2017 with his "Femme-Hop" events; a night of sounds from women & femme artists in hip-hop. Since, he's been able to spread his talents throughout Orlando, Miami, Georgia, & New York City providing unique dance-party experiences.