Day #4. Notes from the future. My Japan diary. 11/15/15

My iPhone alarm rings at 6:00am, 6:15am, and finally at 6:30am.  This time I realize it is time to get up!  The usual (what city am I in today?) occurs, oh right I’m back in Tokyo.  Some yoga, and two hours of searching for music for the Numinous film. I shower and dress for my day.  The events in Paris, gratitude for my friends safety, and sadness for the tumultuous state of the world are all part of my morning. Next stop, the Strasburgo Aoyama store for another trunk show.  Appointments arrive back to back, some overlapping occurs, and joy to see customers I have not seen in a year.  Somehow we fit in lunch and a wonderful coffee break at the new Blue Bottle Coffee in Aoyama .  To my surprise and joy they have a gluten free, molasses, ginger and spice cookie.  Score!  Back to the store for the last round of appointments, packing up the jewels, and a delicious Yakitori dinner at Toriyoshi.  Tomorrow morning’s call time? 6:30am! Next stop: Fukuoka.  

Until tomorrow,

Simon, XS

Door detail next to the Strasburgo Aoyama store.

Door detail next to the Strasburgo Aoyama store.

All images by Simon Alcantara