Literary and Fine Arts Journal Poets and Dreamers selects a series of photographs by Simon Alcantara for the current issue Dreamers and Displaced

Luna and Orchid By Simon Alcantara .JPG

Poets and Dreamers is honored to share this magical collection of captivating images by artist and designer Simon Alcantara. Having met Simon in New York at an intimate dinner party for Joan Didion, which was hosted by author Stephanie LaCava and her husband Brian Weiss, the words Simon shared with me that evening about manifestation and realizing dreams has inspired me since, not simply with writing, but in all areas of life. 

We sat at that dimly-lit table across from Joan Didion in a conversation like old friends, and Simon said: “When you’re creating something, everything you hear outside of you, that’s external.” He then held his hands open to the sky, looked to me, and said, “This—this is all that matters—only listen to this...”

I didn’t know about any of the sublime works Simon was creating at that time, or about his uniquely inspiring years as a dancer in New York, the city where my parents once met and married...we simply connected on a similar plane, as we both identify ourselves as dreamers who create reality from a mystical place, a quiet otherworldly place, a seemingly impossible place that begins with contemplation and love.

To now enjoy this moment in time when Poets and Dreamers can showcase Simon's transformative work feels like a dream in itself...through his divine collection of images and passages, Simon takes us on a mystical journey through exotic worlds as he shares exquisite portraits of the enchanting people and places that touch him most deeply, and inspire him to change the world.”

Anne Tammel, Executive Editor in Chief, Poets and Dreamers