What a Gem: Second CFDA jewelry showcase to take place on 10/26/15

Of the 500-plus CFDA Members, 79 are jewelry designers. That alone is enough impetus for the second CFDA Jewelry Showcase, which will take place at the CFDA on Monday, October 26.

The participating members are Angela Cummings who will show Angela Cummings for Assael; Ashley Pittman; Rony Vardi and Leigh Batnick Plessner for Catbird; Coomi Bhasin for Coomi; Dean Harris; Katrin Zimmermann for Ex Ovo; John Brevard; Mish Tworkowski for Mish New York; Nicholas Varney for Nicholas Varney Jewels; Paige Novick; Scosha Woolridge for Scosha; Sharon Khazzam; Brooke Garber Neidich for Sidney Garber; Simon Alcantara; Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung for Stella Valle; Stephen Dweck, and Cheryl Finnegan for VSA Designs.

The first CFDA Jewelry Showcase took place in 2013 and was created by CFDA Member Simon Alcantara and jewelry consultant Talya Cousins as a platform to generate exposure for the CFDA’s growing number of jewelry designers.

With the additional guidance of public relations consultant Blair Brindley, as well as jewelry designers Mish Tworkowski and Dean Harris, the CFDA Jewelry Showcase provides a platform for the participating CFDA designers to grow their businesses through both retail and editorial channels.

The CFDA also created an official Jewelry Committee to explore possibilities for business development, exposure and best practices that affect the industry as well as each designer’s individual business.

“With our significant and growing membership of jewelry designers, we saw the need for the Jewelry Showcase and Committee to enable us to better serve the designers and strengthen their influence and success in the global economy,” said Steven Kolb, President and CEO of the CFDA.

Simon Alcantara is the Committee’s Chairman, Mish Tworkowski its Co-Chairman and Dean Harris the Secretary.

“We aim to form a strong clear voice as CFDA Jewelry members that engenders community and creates a map for future members,” Alcantara said. “The meetings have been very fluid and as a member presents an issue, concern, or idea, they team up with other members that want to assist with finding solutions. Working in this way, we can address multiple issues at once, and we develop a strong unified voice.”

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