Jewelry and Photography: Simon Alcantara

Model: Felix Devotion

Post Production: Maxmillion Rosario


In an increasingly anxious world riddled with fear, uncertainty, and an overload of information, we find ourselves on an unsustainable trajectory. I am no exception to the systems overload of the current “reality” we find ourselves in. Being a sensitive creative that is expected to produce ideas on a constant basis, I know from experience that anxiety and stress are the antitheses of creativity. With this in mind, I made a commitment to dive deep into a consistent meditation practice not only from a spiritual perspective but also from a scientific viewpoint. Day by day I can confirm experiencing deeper levels calmness, clarity, and heightened creativity.  The direction for the pieces you will see in my Alpha One collection all came to me during meditation, taking my design vocabulary into a more clear and precise expression.  I trust that it will carry a signal to you that will remind you of your pure essence and power.


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