Hot blue star

Tails and eyes streak across the sky

Brighter than the sun too far

Strut strut in metallic bands

Only one eye can see

Celestial sweeps of light-feathers

Kiss the midnight blue until turquoise morning

Hot blue star

Female sweet beauty voluptuous

Too pretty to be woman

Male pride cock your head to the side

Too much love to be bound to one line

Mesh and wires of color rain

Dance the blue-black catwalk until white lightning

Hot blue star

Soundless burst of ancient rock birthing

Young discovery to false fathers and mothers

Bow curtsy in truest forever golds

Only freedom in camouflage eclipse

Stretch of living paint streaks

Disappear the blinking until one thousand still watch

- Riji Suh







In alphabetical order: 

Jewelry/Production Simon AlcantaraCinematography  Anna Lee Campbell

Creative Direction  Talya Cousins,  Wardrobe Styling  Kendall Farr,  Model  Mengly Hernandez

Makeup Karlo Karlo, Design Direction  Nathalie Kirsheh,Photography  Henry Lopez

Set Design/Photography Assistant  Jesse Mercado, Hair Edgar Parra,  

Set Design/Artist  Silas StoddardWriter Riji Suh

 Special thanks to: J. Mendel ParisLalaboy PR,  Top 5 Management

Maxmillion Rosario,  Studios LIC



Alpha Pavonis: the brightest star in the Pavo (peacock) constellation.

With every collection I aim to convey messages that are the result of months of creative explorations. At times the messages are literal, but very often they can be found in subtle design gestures and in details; An a-symmetric pair of earrings, a sturdy cuff made of delicate feathers, hand woven bangles and gems faceted to catch even the smallest light in the room.

Alpha Pavonis, my latest collection, is a part of Dream Phase Series. Inspired by the peacock and our own innate brilliance; this collection centers on natural colored metal, warm hued gems and fluid yet bold structures. Historically the peacock has symbolized divinity, immortality and renewal. I discovered that the Greeks dedicated the peacock to Juno the Goddess of the sky and the stars. Writer Flannery O’Connor raised and was obsessed by peacocks and they are the subject of one of O’Connor’s best known works “The King of the Birds”. Quan Yin the Goddess of compassion and mercy is found in Japan and China and it has been said that she wore a dress of peacock feathers and sometimes rode a dragon. Shiva is at times pictured surrounded by peacock feathers. The peacock’s beauty mesmerizes because it displays its innate brilliance nothing artificial has been added. This collection symbolizes the acceptance of our inner brilliance that leads to outward majesty.

Simon Alcantara


“The peacock jumped onto the hood of the Buick and once more spread its tail, sending the flashy Buick into oblivion” –Toni Morrison