Click image above to watch video. Duration 1:11 (1 minute and 11 seconds)


Models: Riji Suh & Maxmillion

Photography, jewelry, styling, art direction, and design direction: Simon Alcantara
Post Production: Max Rosario Hair: Joni Johnson of Kropps and Bobbers Salon


Cinematography, film editing,  jewelry and, styling: Simon Alcantara

Aerial Cinematography: Ahmed Alcantara

Models: Riji Suh and Maxmillion

Hair: Joni Johnson

Shot on location in New York, Tokyo, Milwaukee, and Dannholmen, Sweden.

Music and sound effects byCraig Dodge, Sound Effects Bible,
The Producers. Ivan Paunovic, Ringtone Vooddoo, Robot Metro, and Cauchemar.

Produced by Creative Collective COL-LAB


M31, also known as Messier 31 and the Andromeda Galaxy, is a spiral galaxy. It is one of our closest neighbors.  Scientists say it contains a trillion stars. 

Some believe that it is a galactic portal, a space to learn about freedom and the heart.  This theory is based on the myth of Andromeda in Greek mythology.  Andromeda was a beautiful Ethiopian princess of whose beauty the queen frequently boasted.  She claimed that not only was Andromeda more beautiful than Juno the queen of the gods but that her beauty also surpassed that of Nereids, the sea nymphs.  This angered the sea god Neptune and he sent a sea monster to ravage the coast of Ethiopia located in the “Black Horn” of Africa.  The distraught Ethiopian king consulted Ammon, the oracle of Jupiter. The oracle replied that the only way to stop the sea monster would be through the sacrifice of Andromeda.  She was chained to the rocks on the Ethiopian coast.  Fortunately, Andromeda was saved by Perseus, whom she married,  and then was freed into the heavens, forming the Andromeda Galaxy.   

For this collection I found inspiration in spirals and deep shades of pink, blue, violet, and black of the gases surrounding the Andromeda Galaxy. These colors are represented by the use of Lapis Lazuli, Rhodolite Garnet, Mystic Black Spinel, Black Agate, and Watermelon Tourmaline paired with gold and sterling silver.   I am also drawn to star gates and multiverses.  All of these references will be clear as you view the collection. 

I explored how the symbols of oppression and enslavement: chains, locks, and ropes, equate with symbols of connection, strength, safety, and commitment to love.  My intention is to represent these symbols in a contemporary, strong, sensual, and in most cases, a gender-neutral manner.  In my own life experiences, I have learned that we best empower ourselves when we can face society's preconceived and accepted social norms and fears, which may prohibit our personal expression. If we learn to transform these external limitations into tools of individual expansion and creativity, we may discover, access, and inspire true freedom, in ourselves and in those who inhabit our personal galaxies.  

- Simon Alcantara